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Minka and Wally - Tathra Wharf Biodiversity

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Minka Waratah
Minka is an enthusiastic diver and marine photographer. She is committed to learning about and protecting the marine environments that she loves to explore.
Submersible ROV @Sapphire Coast Learning Community of Schools SCLC
Wally was purchased with the support of the Fair Education project undertaken by the SCLC small schools and enjoys aquatic research activities under the control of students.
Luke Hamilton
Dad @Minka's family
Luke is a keen diver, photographer and outdoor enthusiast
Tathra Biodiversity
Amazing @Marine Life
A multitude of aquatic life forms, that have evolved over the 3.5 billion year history of the Earth, making their home on the underside of Tathra Wharf. Under threat from global warming and human activities. Capable of generating awe and delight in observers.
Tathra Wharf
Much Loved Place @Heritage Icon
Tathra Wharf is a heritage-listed former wharf precinct and now museum and cafe at Wharf Road, Tathra, Bega Valley Shire, New South Wales, Australia. It was built from 1860 to 1862. The property is owned by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (State Government). It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999. Tathra Wharf is the only wharf and building combination surviving on the eastern seaboard of Australia from the period of the coastal shipping trade dating from the 1860s. The connection between the wharf structure and the towns of Tathra, Bega and the surrounding district is important in understanding the history of the growth and development of the area. It is an excellent example of a marine building constructed entirely from hardwood and built in one period. The structures retain most of their original setting on the headland and can be viewed in the same way as when the wharf was operating.
David Buckley
Project Manager/Project Engineer @Bega Valley Shire Council
My role is Council’s Project Manager / Project Engineer for the Tathra Wharf Restoration Project. I was the project manager for the repair of the wharf after the 2016 East Coast Low damage. I have also project managed the following maritime infrastructure projects for council over the years: Merimbula Public Jetty Merimbula Boat Ramp Wonboyn Boat Ramp Mogareeka Boat Ramp Kianinny Jetty Upgrade We are currently developing the scope of works for the restoration of the wharf, and balancing this with the heritage requirements. It is therefore very timely to factor in the marine habitat consideration, so welcome the opportunity to participate.